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Worlds Of Wonder: The Art of Waswo X. Waswo

“When you first look at my pictures you know what you’re seeing. Then you realise what you first saw is not correct and you’re forced to look at them again, which leaves you with this strange feeling that you’re caught in the middle.”   Waswo X. Waswo is an American photographer and poet, who currently […]

Dreamscapes: Arpita Singh

“In life, both memory and forgetfulness are very important things. That something that was about to happen, didn’t in fact come to be, or stopped or came to an end. You’re trying to recall something, You know what it is, but you’re unable to completely grasp it. There is no greater tragedy than this.”   […]

The Alchemist: Jamini Roy

“Peace is not good for an artist. How can that happen? The mind strives and burns all the time in the creative activity of art.” – Jamini Roy xx   An average Bengali household in any part of the world is likely to have three things in common – a portrait of the Vaishnava saint […]

Engineer of the Enchanted Forest: Jangarh Singh Shyam

“For me, art and life are unceasing silences. Art penetrates life like an explosion of dance. I remember the forests (of my childhood). That memory makes me paint what I paint.” – Jangarh Singh Shyam xx   Jangarh Singh Shyam was a pioneering artist who inspired the Gond-Pardhan school of art and inaugurated the Jangarh […]