Bouquet of Hope

You are here because perhaps you’ve just added a flower or are about to add a flower to the growing Bouquet of Hope and want to discover more.

MAP decided to reach out to people with the Bouquet of Hope a few days after the country underwent a complete lockdown. It actually felt like the whole world had shut down – everyone in their own homes, socially and physically distant from life as they knew it. And it seemed the right time to recall a story that Abhishek Poddar – Founder and Trustee of the Museum of Art & Photography shared with our friends and patrons of MAP:

 “In 1989, my sister and I pulled off the surprise of their life for our parents’ silver wedding anniversary. The image above (a detail) was the blossoming of an idea conceived about a year before then when we requested 25 of India’s well-known artists to create a single flower, one for each year of our parents’ married life together till then, in the artists own inimitable style.  All we told our parents in the weeks leading up to the big day was that they were going to receive a very special bouquet of flowers from us. And then on the day of their anniversary, amidst all the beautiful flowers that poured in from friends and family from around the country, they wondered why our ‘bouquet’ had not yet arrived. In the evening, as they celebrated with friends, the ‘bouquet’ was quietly installed in their bedroom in just the way it is presented below. Their expressions of bewildered joy are unforgettable! Every image reminds us, as a family, of a friendship, an incident or a story behind each painting.”

These images went out to friends of MAP inviting them to contribute and grow this bouquet of flowers with a flower of their own either from their garden or balcony, an artwork on the subject, a flower motif drawn from an object or textile.

To begin with the flowers we received were meant to populate a giant bouquet that we would send back to our patrons. But the overwhelming response from around the world within hours of people receiving it has prompted us to share this with thousands of people out there who would welcome a message of hope and cheer during these difficult times. The #bouquetofhope is now a global digital art collaborative through which we hope to create the world’s largest digital bouquet of flowers.

We invite you to add your flowers to this growing Bouquet of Hope and also send it on to your family and friends.

With our best wishes,

Kamini Sawhney
MAP Director

April 2020

To add a flower, go to the Bouquet of Hope website.