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Art: An agent of change for LGBTQ Artists

Krittika Kumari

One may not understand it at first, but the transformative and healing powers of art are ubiquitous. For the LGBTQ community, art is a powerful tool of expression, a weapon against discrimination, and a creative, healing process.


The Shape of Things – Three Abstract Artists of India

One may like abstract art outright, hate it or not understand exactly what it is, but it is likely that one is often curious about this perplexing art form. This artform that evades a standard definition was formally inaugurated as an art movement in the early 20th century. However, some experts assert that signs of […]

Caste and Culture

Krittika Kumari

To launch the theme of Inclusion and Diversity, MAP began with an eye-opening conversation on caste hierarchies that pervade the cultural realm in India.

Museums and the Arts

Krittika Kumari

In uncertain and economically unstable times such as the current period, industries are facing increasing pressure of remaining relevant and proving their significance in the community. And the museum sector doesn’t fall far behind in this race. Now more than ever, museums and the arts have been presented with the challenge of really reinventing themselves […]


Inside/Outside: Spaces In Art

Space is the breath of art.  – Frank Lloyd Wright, American Architect   Space is one of the seven elements of visual art and is the area in which an artwork is organised. It is the area within a work of art and can also include the area immediately outside and around a work of […]


Worlds Of Wonder: The Art of Waswo X. Waswo

“When you first look at my pictures you know what you’re seeing. Then you realise what you first saw is not correct and you’re forced to look at them again, which leaves you with this strange feeling that you’re caught in the middle.”   Waswo X. Waswo is an American photographer and poet, who currently […]


On A Roll!

Who does not like stories? From the earliest humans drawing mysterious motifs on cave walls to an online video gone viral – we are really just finding ever-innovative ways to create and share stories all the time. Used largely as a means of passing on moral lessons and religious knowledge, the earliest method of storytelling […]

Dreamscapes: Arpita Singh

“In life, both memory and forgetfulness are very important things. That something that was about to happen, didn’t in fact come to be, or stopped or came to an end. You’re trying to recall something, You know what it is, but you’re unable to completely grasp it. There is no greater tragedy than this.”   […]

Redefining the Indian Museum

Krittika Kumari

The current crises of the pandemic and lockdowns all around the world have made this period perhaps one of the most interesting in terms of restructuring industries, particularly the art sector. Of course, it has been a trying time for the industry given the permanent closure of many small museums, and unemployment for several art […]


Serpentine Tales

Shilpa Vijayakrishnan

Animals have always been powerful symbols – in religious traditions, nationalist narratives, as storytelling devices, popular emojis and a myriad of other instances.  The snake is one of the oldest and most widespread of mythological symbols. And although it’s received a fairly bad reputation for being a slithering, slinking and sly creature (deceiving Eve into […]

Creatures of Culture: The Animal World in Art

Our interest in the animal world is as old as time. Even before we learnt how to farm or build houses, we were drawing animals in our cave walls, spinning magical stories around them and venerating them in our shrines. With time, the animal world was to only grow more integral to our everyday lives, […]

Beyond a Witness: Photography and Social Justice

Krittika Kumari

The role of art is integral to documenting histories, addressing social and political issues, and simply reflecting our society and prevailing situations. There is no denying the force, any form of art holds within itself to instigate change and action, and it is this quality of Art as Witness that MAP has called attention to […]


Face Value: An Introduction to Portraiture in Indian Art

“I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you.” – Frida Kahlo xx   As humans, our desire to record ourselves is perhaps as old as the history of art making itself. From palm prints in early caves to painstakingly gouged […]

The Alchemist: Jamini Roy

“Peace is not good for an artist. How can that happen? The mind strives and burns all the time in the creative activity of art.” – Jamini Roy xx   An average Bengali household in any part of the world is likely to have three things in common – a portrait of the Vaishnava saint […]

Engineer of the Enchanted Forest: Jangarh Singh Shyam

“For me, art and life are unceasing silences. Art penetrates life like an explosion of dance. I remember the forests (of my childhood). That memory makes me paint what I paint.” – Jangarh Singh Shyam xx   Jangarh Singh Shyam was a pioneering artist who inspired the Gond-Pardhan school of art and inaugurated the Jangarh […]

The Glory of a Sacred Text

B. N. Goswamy

Like the layered world that Indian painting is, this seemingly simple, geometrically organised, almost dry-looking, and relatively late painting, seems to say many things at once. Being the last folio of a series ‘illustrating’, as it were, one of the great Puranas, the Bhagavata, it sums up the greatness of that sacred and ancient text. All […]

A Bold Fusion of Art & Photography

Rahaab Allana

The history of the painted photograph in India addresses the ambiguity about ‘artists’ and ‘photographers’, wherein the photographer assumes the role of a portrait artist, while the artist, that of a draughtsman. The traditional format of portraiture seen in folk art, enmeshed with photography, presents a compelling moment for photographers, who now invest their monochrome […]


Experiencing Photography

Jyoti Bhatt

I came face to face with a camera for the first time when I was one years old. I can say this because I have seen a photograph of myself in an album that my father had made of our family. However, it wasn’t until I was about nine that I became aware of the camera. As a youngster my […]

The Jangarh Idiom

Dr. Jyotindra Jain

Jangarh Singh Shyam was one of the most accomplished and individualistic Pardhan Gond artists who, with his tribal cultural background, entered the contemporary space of art while working at Bharat Bhawan in Bhopal, where he was introduced to poster and acrylic colours, paper, canvas and printmaking. It was also here, for the first time, that he […]