Phulkari Bagh

Unknown maker

  • Date: 19th century
  • Dimensions: L. 240 cm, H. 143 cm
  • Medium: Cotton, embroidered with floss silk
  • Region: Punjab
  • Museum number: TXT.00921

Phulkari Bagh with an inner field of geometrical patterns in varying bands and diamond motifs of yellow and white, and the multi-color borders. This textile has three parts attached together to form a shawl.

Phulkari is a rural tradition of hand embroidery, literally meaning “flower work”, that was predominantly employed by the women of Punjab (Northwest India & Pakistan) during the 19th century, and till the beginning of the 20th century. Bagh is a special kind of phulkari in which the whole ground is embroidered.

Gift from Kamlesh Suri.

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