Maruti (Hanuman)

Unknown artist, Unknown Publisher

  • Date: Early 20th century
  • Dimensions: H: 13.6 cm, W: 8.6 cm
  • Medium: Chromolithograph, embellished with glitter
  • Region: India
  • Museum number: POP.00732

A printed and embellished postcard depicting Maruti (Hanuman) delivering the Dronagiri mountain. Unknown artist and publisher. The image titled Maruti in Hindi and Hanuman in English

In the story of the Ramayana, during battle Rama’s brother Laksmana is rendered unconscious and near death by an arrow. Hanuman approaches the Lankan Royal Physician, Sushena, for advice. Sushena asks Hanuman to rush to Dronagiri mountain and fetch four plants: Mruthasanjeevani (restorer of life), Vishalyakarani (remover of arrows), Sandhanakarani (restorer of the skin) and Savarnyakarani (restorer of skin colour). When Hanuman reaches the mountain he is unable identify the herbs, so he carries the whole mountain back to the battlefield.

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