Manorath of Srinathji

Khubiram Gopilal

  • Date: 1944
  • Dimensions: H. 43 cm, W. 55 cm
  • Medium: Opaque natural pigments and photograph cut-outs on paper
  • Region: Nathdwara
  • Museum number: PTG.00083

Manorath painting depicting a family worshipping deity Shrinathji during the festival of Nanda.

It features sanctum sanctorum of the haveli of Nathdwara with the idol of Srinathji to center flanked by the Goswamis (priests). The members of a family are seen on the sides with their hands folded- all facing the viewer in an interior beneath a decorated canopy. The figures of the devotees are collaged from the photographic prints pasted and overpainted against the finely painted backdrop. This technique of photo-montage facilitated artists to create instant portraits that the devotees could as the memoirs of their visit to Nathdwara.

Devotees of Pushti Marg perform manorath in fulfillment of a vow. To memorialize the event they would commission paintings. Khubiram Gopilal was one of the best-known artists in Nathdwara, working together with Gopilal Govardhanji, on both pichhavais and manorath paintings.

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