Shad Bhuj Chaitanya (Rama, Krishna, and Chaitanya)

Unknown artist

  • Date: Late 19th century
  • Dimensions: H. 46 cm; W. 28 cm
  • Medium: Opaque watercolour on paper
  • Region: Bengal
  • Museum number: PTG.00076

Kalighat painting depicting a composite image of Rama, Krishna, and Chaitanya. The two upper arms, holding bow and arrow, are of Rama. The middle row playing the flute represent Krishna. The last two of hand and body represent Chaitanya or Gaur, who is considered as the great Vaishnavite saint.

Kalighat artists produced paintings that reflected local history, mythology, customs and conflicts of a colonized society in Bengal. These paintings are recognized for their use of bright colors, simplified images and bold brushstrokes that became the prominent features of Kalighat painting in the 19th and early 20th century.


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