Fragment of a Pichwai depicting a Gopi holding flowers

Unknown artist

  • Date: Mid to late 18th century
  • Dimensions: H. 20.4 cm, W. 13.4 cm
  • Medium: Mineral pigments and gold, painted and block printed on cotton fabric
  • Region: Deccan, India
  • Museum number: TXT.00897

The black ground fragment of a Pichwai depicting a standing Gopi holding flowers, possibly forming border of a lager panel.

An elegantly dressed Gopi facing left holding a flower in each hand. She is finely dressed in an orange sari and a gold choli (bodice) and adorned with pearl embellished gold ornaments. The figure is framed by a cusped gold cartouche set within the floral borders-all rendered in gold and pink. This panel represents the luxuriant Deccani School of miniature paintings. The original Pichwai probably had a row of similar Gopis surrounding a central figure of Krishna.

Gift from Francesca Galloway, London.

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