Fragment of a cotton bale cover

Unknown maker

  • Date: 1880s
  • Dimensions: L. 121 cm, W. 87 cm
  • Medium: Oleographic print and block print on cotton
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Museum number: TXT.00917

The fragment with trader’s label (partly missing) and stamp. Top of the strip features block-printed decorative register containing the fragment of a textile label. The second register features a floral emblem reading ‘make and purity has no equal’. Name of an unidentified trader stamped to the bottom with an illustration showing an Indian bazaar scene.

The textile labels also referred to as ‘tickets’ and ‘shipper’s tickets’, were pasted on bales of cotton cloth produced at industrial centers in Britain, such as Manchester and Glasgow, and then shipped to Bombay, Calcutta, and Amritsar. The stamp was a method to add a logo to the cloth – a more permanent method than paper labels.

By the Same Artist/Maker

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