Cross Before a Goan Home – Arambol

Waswo X. Waswo

  • Date: 2002
  • Dimensions: H. 26 cm, W. 25 cm
  • Medium: Sepia-toned silver gelatin print
  • Museum number: PHY.07501

This photograph forms part of a series of 69 photographs by Waswo X Waswo, titled India Poems. Including portraits, landscapes, everyday scenes and found objects, India Poems presents a sepia-toned world that deliberately chooses to ignore the intrusions of the contemporary globalised moment through its carefully built classical pictorialist compositions.

In the artist’s own words, “[These photographs] represent the visual equivalent of short, lyrical poems. They are the poetry of everyday life, the poetry of faces and hands, the poetry of time-worn stone and wood, the poetry of silver rivers and spreading trees. In them, and through them, I have tried to focus on the poetry that we are somehow losing in our money-oriented, fast-paced, and all too contemporary world. This poetry is also a poetry of light and shade, a poetry of texture and line. It is a poetry of slowness as opposed to speed, and a poetry of contemplation as opposed to quick judgment.”

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