Brocade Skirt

Unknown maker

  • Date: Mid 20th century
  • Dimensions: Length. 104.5 cm, Waist. 102 cm
  • Medium: Silk brocade with gold and silver thread
  • Region: Benaras
  • Museum number: TXT.00009

Brocade skirt with unconventional patterns in gold and silver on a blue silk ground.

Reflective of a historical moment and influenced by the freedom movement, the lower section of the skirt depicts the tricoloured Indian national flag, while its upper section is filled with floral motifs that depict opium flowers. The skirt is lined with green coloured woven textile at its ends.

Brocades are rich silk fabrics upon which patterns are rendered in gold and silver thread. Benarsi brocades are known after Benaras (now known as Varanasi), one of India’s significant weaving centres, famous for its saris and dress materials. Unique and intricate, silk brocades are made of silkwarp and silkweft, on a plain/satin ground base, and brocaded with extra weft patterns in different layouts.

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