Unknown artist

  • Date: 10th century CE
  • Dimensions: H. 70 cm, W. 44 cm, D. 22 cm
  • Medium: Grey steatite schist
  • Region: Karnataka
  • Museum number: SCU.00234

The four-faced deity is seated in the maharajalilasana and sports four hands carrying akshamala (upper right), abhayamudra (lower right), kamandala (upper left) and possibly a lotus-pod (lower left). She wears large ear ornaments (patrakundala), jewelled armbands (keyura), as also a small tali and a more elaborate necklace (kanthi) with beads on her neck. A sumptuous jewel encrusted crown (karandamakuta), framed by a unique halo of looped curls and resting on a mass of piled up curly hair adorns her head. She also wears bangles, anklets, toe – rings, and yajnopavita or ratnopavita (differing in design when seen from the rear). Her jewel-encrusted belt with a lion clasp spewing out tassels is reminiscent of early Chola sculptures. The ribboned tassels of her lower garments flow out limpidly on to her curved cushion-like seat (padmapitha). The goddess is surrounded by an ovoid prabhavali to her rear. This sculpture possibly originated in a magnificent temple commissioned by the Nolambas or Banas or Gangas in their heyday in southern Karnataka.

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