Bidri Tray

Unknown maker

  • Date: c. 1850
  • Dimensions: H: 23.5 cm, W: 18 cm, D: 4.5 cm
  • Medium: Alloy inlaid with silver
  • Region: Deccan
  • Museum number: SCU.00649

Silver inlaid Bidri Tray engraved with stylised motifs of poppy flower.

Bidri is a metal inlay technique that takes its name from the city of Bidar, in the present day state of Karnataka, the only centre of its production. Bidri objects are cast from an alloy of zinc, lead, copper and tin. The decoration is usually inlaid with silver and brass, or overlaid with silver wires hammered onto a crosshatched surface. The final stage of the process is to apply a saline mud paste over the entire surface, which changes the dull grey of the alloy to a matt black without affecting the decoration.

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