A Hindu Mobile Shrine

Unknown maker

  • Date: 1930s
  • Dimensions: H. 70 cm, W. 54.5, Depth. 26.2 cm
  • Medium: Oleographic prints, wood, fabric and metal fixtures
  • Region: India
  • Museum number: POP.00611

Operated with a key from behind, it consists of cut‑outs of oleographic prints, mostly from the Ravi Varma Press arranged in rows in an ascending order. The figures have movable heads and limbs. When the key is wound the mechanism makes the figures move in sync. The main scenes depicted here are the story of Raja Harishchandra, Annapurna and episodes from the Ramayana. Seen at the bottom are the busts of King George V and Queen Mary on both sides of the goddess Lakshmi. The background and foreground of the cut‑outs illustrate the popular theme of ‘Narakvas’ or the scenes from hell.

By the Same Artist/Maker

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