Journeys Through Art: The Self & the Wider World #4 | Aurinko Academy

Exploring what constitutes the personal, and the facets and significance of identity in society.

24 February, 2018 - 24 February, 2018

The Self & the Wider World exhibition and workshop presents paintings, sculptures, photographs and prints, as well as metal work, silverware and textiles—showcasing the diversity in expressions of identity. Drawing upon a range of visual representations from utilitarian and ritual objects in the domestic sphere to clothing, portraits, and more abstract narratives, it explores relationships between the self and others in personal, political, cultural and social contexts. Including a walk-through, the workshop prompts participants to unpack the nuanced nature of identities and the complex processes that shape them – emphasising the mutability of the self and its representation in art.

During the gallery walk-through, The Self & the Wider World #4

Exploring ways of defining identity, The Self & the Wider World #4

Self-portraits from our budding artists produced in the creative output activity, The Self & the Wider World #4