Of Tails & Tales #2 | Ashwini Charitable Trust (ACT)

Exploring human relations to natural environments through the visual arts.

23 June, 2016 - 23 June, 2016

Age Group: 7 – 11 years

Session Duration: 2 hours

Participating Institution: Ashwini Charitable Trust (ACT)

Of Tails & Tales, a unique series of workshops designed by MAP in partnership with Flow India, took off to a roaring start with 40 young art explorers joining us from the Innisfree House School and the Ashwini Charitable Trust for our launching sessions.

Entailing a walkthrough of the exhibit put together for the workshops, and including a series of hands-on activities, the workshops attempt to encourage lateral thinking by initiating discussions on visual representation, anthropomorphic symbolism and the diversity of media, process and approach, in the creation of art. They finally conclude with a ‘creating your own artworks’ component — that put their learning into practice.

Getting into the first activity for the day, ‘Of Tails & Tales’ #2

Participants sit down in groups for this introductory activity, ‘Of Tails & Tales’ #2



Stopping by the horses: during the gallery walk-through, ‘Of Tails & Tales’ #2

Our young artists hard at work, ‘Of Tails & Tales’ #2


Marking a memory, ‘Of Tails & Tales’ #2