Of Tails & Tales #16 | Magic Bus India

Exploring human relations to natural environments through the visual arts.

4 April, 2017 - 4 April, 2017

Age Group: 7 – 11 years

Session Duration: 2 hours

Participating Institution: Magic Bus India

Of Tails & Tales are a unique series of workshops designed by MAP in partnership with Flow India, that explore human relations to natural environments through the visual arts. Exposing children to a variety of artistic techniques and varying mediums, through a specially curated selection of artworks from the MAP collection, these workshops are also an endeavour in encouraging creative and imaginative thought.

Entailing a walkthrough of the exhibit put together for the workshops, and including a series of hands-on activities, they encourage lateral thinking by initiating discussions on visual representation, anthropomorphic symbolism and the diversity of media, process and approach, in the creation of art. They finally conclude with a ‘creating your own artworks’ component — that puts learning into practice.

Discussing concepts of representation during the first activity, ‘Of Tails & Tales’ #16

Gallery walk-through, ‘Of Tails & Tales’ #16

Budding artists at work, during the second activity, ‘Of Tails & Tales’ #16

Budding artists proudly showcasing their work, ‘Of Tails & Tales’ #16

Happy session, ‘Of Tails & Tales’ #16