Money Matters: Numismatics Workshop

Outreach Programme

Numismatics workshops conducted at schools, exploring history, economics, trade and more through coins.

16 January, 2019 - 8 February, 2019

Participating institutions: Silver Oaks International School, Oakridge International School, Greenwood High International School and Delhi Public School (North)

A ten-session outreach programme organised by MAP and presented at school venues, Money Matters is a workshop for school students introducing them to basic and advanced concepts of numismatics. Facilitating an opportunity to explore coins from the MAP Collection, the workshop leads students through the entire gamut of Indian coinage: from ancient punch-marked coins of the pre-Buddhist era to the coins of various dynasties such as the Indo-Greeks, the Kushans, and the Guptas, up to the reign of the East India Company. As a dynamic lecture-activity workshop, it includes an introduction to ancient scripts, and helps students discover the value of coins not only in historical study, but also their relevance to economics, aesthetics, geography and cultures.