Legacy of Photojournalism

The Deepak Puri Collection

MAP is delighted to loan part of the Deepak Puri Collection of photographs (donated to the museum by Puri in 2015) to a travelling exhibition organised in collaboration with Tasveer.

26 August, 2015 - 2 October, 2015
Tasveer, Sua House, Bangalore

MAP is delighted to announce an exhibition of original prints from The Deepak Puri Collection for the exhibition ‘Legacy of Photojournalism’, organised by the museum in collaboration with Tasveer.

This exhibition includes a selection of works from over fifty photographers, including internationally acclaimed seminal photojournalists such as James Nachtwey, Sebastião Salgado and Raghu Rai, to name but a few. Enabled by Deepak Puri’s generous donation to MAP – of one of the most important archives of twentieth century journalism in the country, this exhibition will make the collection available to public view for the first time.

Of the virtuoso, tales of whose exploits fill books and still circulate in high-powered circles around the world, Pico Iyer writes, ‘…the only person on the planet who can make mountains move—and, in the process, bring them to Mohammed: the general manager of the Time-Life News Service’s South Asia bureau for more than 30 years and its iconic photo editor, Deepak Puri.’

Representing the heart of Time Asia for a whole host of people, Deepak Puri was a wizard who made the impossible real, and ensured that the world saw the work of many photographic geniuses from James Nachtwey to Raghubir Singh. Famed for both his miraculous abilities and warmth, Deepak Puri’s collection of photographs that includes the work of some of the best practitioners of the documentary aesthetic, is a sign of both friendship and gratitude to a true legend who enabled their work and touched their lives.

In an era before the widespread availability of not only the internet, but even television, photojournalism occupied a unique position in its capacity to capture and bring to light the truth of socio-politically significant events that were changing the world. Endowed with notions of indexicality and ‘being present’ — photography at the time was the closest one got, to ‘live’ action. This exhibit therefore brings together a range of images made historically momentous not only by their content, but also their style, and allows us a wonderful glimpse into the golden era of photojournalism.

In conjunction with the exhibition a new publication, produced by Tasveer in collaboration with MAP, will further be launched — to serve as a catalogue and commemorate the donation of this remarkable collection to the museum. Carrying two new original essays by Pico Iyer and Ned Desmond, it will also include additional reproductions from the larger museum collection, aside from those already part of the show.

The Deepak Puri Collection was bequeathed to MAP in 2015.

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