Journeys Through Art: The Art of Influence #2 | Trio World Academy

Exploring notions of the political and its impact and expression in visual art.

12 October, 2017 - 12 October, 2017

Journeys through Art is designed as a course split over three-modules or workshops, providing students with a broad understanding and appreciation of Indian visual art spanning different time periods. Each exhibition and workshop presents a varied theme, attempting to bring to the forefront the varied contexts within which art is viewed. The first of these is themed around mythology and storytelling.

Titled The Art of Influence, this exhibition and workshop interrogates the complex relationship between art and politics, highlighting the ways in which image-building strategies influence our perceptions of social realities and political truths. Including group activities and a walk-through of the gallery, the workshop prompts discussions about political art, its role in the history of art and the world outside, as well explores concepts of power, patronage and populist political movements, particularly in the Indian context. It helps participants reexamine both their definitions of the political and its relevance in our everyday lives, concluding with a collage activity that encourages children to translate their new insights onto paper.

Participants strolling through the exhibition, The Art of Influence #2

Exploring the politics of ‘folk’, The Art of Influence #2

Hard at work, output activity of the day, The Art of Influence #2

Presenting their India 2050 collages, The Art of Influence #2

After a fun session, The Art of Influence #2