Journeys Through Art: Once Upon a Tale #2 | Inventure Academy

Exploring the role of mythology and storytelling in our lives through visual art.

29 August, 2017 - 29 August, 2017

Journeys through Art is designed as a course split over three-modules or workshops, providing students with a broad understanding and appreciation of Indian visual art spanning different time periods. Each exhibition and workshop presents a varied theme, attempting to bring to the forefront the varied contexts within which art is viewed. The first of these is themed around mythology and storytelling.

Titled Once Upon A Tale, the exhibition and workshop explore different mythologies and traditions of storytelling in the Indian cultural landscape, provoking deeper questions regarding the role of mythologies in shaping identity. Including group activities and a walk-through of the gallery, the workshop prompts discussions about the value of mythology and religion in our lives, their role in the shaping of social and cultural identity, and the relationship between their transforming narratives and the contemporary moment.

Section of the walk-through, Once Upon a Tale #2

Amused participants during the mythological-themed Chinese Whispers activity, Once Upon a Tale #2

From the gallery walk-through, Once Upon a Tale #2

Creating your own myth: output activity of the day, Once Upon a Tale #2

After an exciting session, Once Upon a Tale #2