Journeys Through Art: Once Upon A Tale #6 | Aarohi Life Education Trust

Exploring the role of mythology and storytelling in our lives through visual art.

4 September, 2017 - 4 September, 2017

Once Upon A Tale, the exhibition and workshop, explores different mythologies and traditions of storytelling in the Indian cultural landscape, provoking deeper questions regarding the role of mythologies in shaping identity. Including group activities and a walk-through of the gallery, the workshop prompts discussions about the value of mythology and religion in our lives, their role in the shaping of social and cultural identity, and the relationship between their transforming narratives and the contemporary moment.


Students examine the works on display, Once Upon A Time #6

A twist on the traditional Chinese Whispers, Once Upon A Time #6

During the gallery walk-through, Once Upon A Time #6

Absorbed in the output activity of the day, Once Upon A Time #6

Post-workshop smiles, Once Upon A Time #6