MAP at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Collateral Exhibition 2018

The Museum of Art & Photography launches the MAP Project Space at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale.

Located at Fort Kochi, the Project Space is a restored 18-century Dutch warehouse that will continue to be used a project-based arts venue.

Georges Rousse


Georges Rousse (b. 1947) is a French artist who is inspired by old and often abandoned structures, which he converts into disorienting visions of colour and form. While intuitive in their conception, his artworks are the result of a precise mathematical approach to divide architectural spaces into multiple planes that, at first glance, may seem disjointed, until the mise-en-scène is released from a single perspective; reality is flattened and a photograph is made by the artist (at which point the ‘work’ is complete).

Since his first exhibition in 1981 at the Galerie de France in Paris, Rousse has created his site-specific installations and shown his photographs around the globe, including at the J Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles, CA), Louvre Museum (Paris), National Museum of Modern Art (Paris), Museum of Modern Art (Vienna), Guggenheim Museum (NY) and the Brooklyn Museum (NY). Shown here at the MAP Project Space in Kochi are three unique installations and their realisations as photographic artworks.

The image on this page is a permanent work. This, along with two more artworks, can be viewed at the MAP Project Space, Fort Kochi.
Kochi 2018  © Georges Rousse / ADAGP 2018


Nassia Inglessis


Nassia Inglessis (b. 1987) is a Greek design engineer and founder of Studio INI, through which her artistic practice is realised. Her work ‘In Need of Transformation’ is an extension of a commission and exhibition for the Victoria & Albert Museum (2017), combined with her more recent fieldwork in India. The glass pieces exhibited here are a result of Nassia’s innovative techniques that combine craft and technology in pneumatics and light specifically with glassblowers in Firozabad, Kolkata and Bengaluru. Glass ‘freezes’ at different points across its structure and during this process creates a visual record of the cyclical deformation it has undergone. Each piece is unique and acts as both prism and lens through which light can pass through, revealing the individual processes of its creation.



MAP Project Space


In 2017, the Museum of Art & Photography began a restoration project of a warehouse in Fort Kochi in order for it to be used as a project-based arts venue.

For more than a century after their arrival in 1663, the Dutch ruled Kochi and controlled the maritime trade in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent. The warehouses they built were crucial for this trade, and like this one, they typically featured a central courtyard surrounded by rooms on all four sides with jetties that projected out from the land into the water. These warehouses temporarily housed goods, usually spices like pepper and cinnamon, that were brought in from other parts of Kerala and shipped across the world.

The downstairs rooms of the MAP Project Space are being lent to the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2018-19, while the upstairs rooms and courtyard form a curatorial space in which Rousse and Inglessis are exhibiting their work.

MAP’s work with these artists is not only a nod to Kochi’s historic identity – as a city well connected with the world – but also serves as a reflection to MAP’s own identity as an India-based arts organisation with a clear, global outlook.