Since 2016, MAP has been conducting workshops for young students at diverse schools in Bangalore.




Movement is one of the primary characteristic of all living beings: from breath to play and motion to hesitation, everything manifests the flow of movement and the result of that flow. The term movement can also imply many things: physical movement in space and time, an emotional response or impulse, a collective sharing of ideas. It can evoke ideas of change and balance, a sense of progression, or equally a sense of displacement.

Exploring these many meanings, A Moving Tale: Kinetics & Art brings together a selection of artworks from our collections—across mediums and from different time periods—that invoke, record, mirror and represent human and animal movements and gestures to examine some of the ways in which art renders and transfigures these essential elements of living.

Delivered in collaboration with Flow India,  this programme also pilots a new educators’ workshop centred around the exhibition.




A numismatics workshop for high school students, Money Matters introduces participants to basic and advanced concepts of numismatics. Facilitating an opportunity to explore coins from the MAP Collection, the workshop leads students through the entire gamut of Indian coinage: from ancient punch-marked coins of the pre-Buddhist era to the coins of various dynasties such as the Indo-Greeks, the Kushans, and the Guptas, up to the reign of the East India Company. Including an introduction to ancient scripts, the workshop helps students discover the value of coins not only in historical study, but also their relevance to economics, aesthetics, geography and cultures.

Designed by MAP’s Education Department and delivered by one of MAP’s archivists, Sneha Kapote, who is currently pursuing a PhD in numismatics.




Where is the meaning of an artwork situated? Is it in the work, in the objective of the artist-creator or in the mind of its audience? Is it shaped by history, or by political situations and cultural conditions of the time it is produced in, or the time it is viewed in? How do we understand art, what do we learn from it and why do we need it? These are some of the questions raised by the Journeys Through Art workshops.

Split over three modules or exhibition-cum-workshops, the programme provides students with a broad understanding and appreciation of Indian visual art across mediums and spanning different time periods. Each exhibition and workshop presents a different theme, attempting to bring to the forefront the varied contexts within which art is viewed. Providing participants with a glimpse into many interlinked histories, the workshops—using artworks from the MAP Collection—highlight the relevance of art in our social, cultural, political and personal lives.

Designed and delivered in collaboration with Flow India, a design and delivery consultancy that brings international methods in cultural education to India for the first time.




Through time, human beings have explored their relationships with the animal world, often through associating aspects of aesthetics, religion, desires, utility, myth-making and so on, making these creatures invaluable in the schema of our own existence. Whether perceived as positive or negative, often encompassing attributes of both kinds, their embodiment in art has always illustrated their roles and perceived symbolic significance within the human world.

Of Tails & Tales provide students with a glimpse of varied representations of the animal kingdom, as captured in visual culture through centuries and across diverse media, using artworks culled from the MAP Collection.

Designed and delivered in collaboration with Flow India, a design and delivery consultancy that brings international methods in cultural education to India for the first time. Flow works with more than forty schools in India and reaches approximately twenty thousand children in eight Indian cities. Their workshops and events are carefully designed to guide different age groups and delivered by a team of experts.





Past Education & Outreach

Of Tails & Tales #21 | Parikrama Foundation

Apr 11, 2017

Of Tails & Tales #20 | Sparsha Trust

Apr 10, 2017

Of Tails & Tales #19 | Canadian International School

Apr 7, 2017

Of Tails & Tales #18 | Canadian International School

Apr 6, 2017

Of Tails & Tales #17 | Learning Academy

Apr 5, 2017

Of Tails & Tales #16 | Magic Bus India

Apr 4, 2017

Of Tails & Tales #15 | Prakriya Green Wisdom School

Feb 8, 2017

Of Tails & Tales #14 | Delhi Public School Bangalore South

Feb 7, 2017

Of Tails & Tales #13 | Oakridge International School

Feb 6, 2017

Of Tails & Tales #12 | Poorna Learning Centre

Feb 6, 2017

Of Tails & Tales #11 | Delhi Public School Bangalore East

Feb 3, 2017

Of Tails & Tales #10 | Sarala Birla Academy

Feb 2, 2017

Of Tails & Tales #9 | Inventure Academy

Feb 1, 2017

Of Tails & Tales #8 | Silver Oaks International School

Jan 31, 2017

Of Tails & Tales #7 | Delhi Public School Bangalore North

Oct 7, 2016

Of Tails & Tales #6 | Magic Bus India Foundation

Oct 6, 2016

Of Tails & Tales #5 | SRGVVK Trust School

Oct 5, 2016

Of Tails & Tales #4 | Trio World School

Oct 4, 2016

Of Tails & Tales #3 | Candor International School

Oct 3, 2016

Of Tails & Tales #2 | Ashwini Charitable Trust (ACT)

Jun 23, 2016